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Ibaraki Sake

In close proximity to Tokyo, Ibaraki Prefecture is full of the natural beauty of the sea, the rivers, and the mountains. Ibaraki serves gastronomic delights to the nation and produces globally renowned high quality food products.
Blessed with a vast amount of nature and 5 river systems, Ibaraki Prefecture has been flourishing rice production region for a long time and it is the number one rice producer in the Kanto region. There are about 40 sake breweries where they produce Japanese sakes with distinctive characteristics.
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IBARAKI SAKE 君萬代 梅清酒 | Kimimandai Umeseishu | METAGROUP Limited
君萬代 梅清酒 | Kimimandai Umeseishu
Regular price$227.00 HKD$204.30 HKD
IBARAKI SAKE 月の井大吟醸 | Tsukinoi Daiginjo | METAGROUP Limited
月の井大吟醸 | Tsukinoi Daiginjo
Regular price$358.00 HKD$322.20 HKD