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World Champagne Day with Pommery

World Champagne Day with Pommery

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Last Chance: Now Restocked!

The first 10 orders of any 2 Pommery Champagnes will receive a complimentary set of 2 Riedel Veritas Wine Glasses (valued at HK$600).

Riedel, the Austrian glass innovator who revolutionized the world of wine when it discovered how the shape of a glass changes flavour. Riedel is gifting Champagne Wine Glass from their flagship Veritas collection. The larger rim diameter enables the wide ranging aromas of Champagne to be released, allowing you to appreciate flavours of brioche and fruit which is not possible from a traditional Champagne flute. The glass also includes a 'sparkling point' to aid the formation of the Champagne bubbles. 


How To Sabrage A Bottle Like A Pro

Step 1

Make sure the bottle is properly chilled (refrigerator). Find a specious place, make sure no one stands close to or in front of you. Look for the line on the champagne bottle which leads up to the top on the neck, this is the weakest spot on the bottle. To prepare the sabrage remove the whole foil around the bottle top and neck, or around the top and cut a stripe in the foil so that you can see the full line of the champagne bottle.

Step 2
Put your tump on the top of the bottle and your fingers around the neck. Hold tight to avoid the cork from popping. Untwist the security cap of the bottle and move it to the highest point of the neck. Secure it by twisting the security cap back on to the bottle.
Step 3

Put your thumb in the bottom of the bottle and use your fingers as support to hold the bottle in a 45 degree angle. Use a knife or the foot of a champagne glass and gently slide it along “the line of the bottle” up to the neck. Make sure not to use too much force as it can cause the bottle to explode. Continue to slide the knife or foot of the glass along the line till the top of the bottle and the cork flies away. Beware of the sharp edge on top of the bottle!

Step 4


Voila! Pour into a champagne and enjoy. Are you ready to practice? Order a bottle of Pommery Champagne here to try it out.