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It all started in Naples 

The Kimbo story begins over 50 years ago, when three brothers started roasting coffee in their father’s bakery in Naples.

In a city where practically everyone cultivates and hands down the art of coffee, the talent and intuition of some stand out. This is the case of Francesco, Gerardo, and Elio Rubino who founded the company.

They did not start out as industrialists, but the popularity of their espresso was soon extended beyond their neighbourhood and there were those who came from far and wide to drink it. Their fame increased slowly, like sipping a cup of good coffee, and they got new ideas, such as bringing the pleasure of Neapolitan coffee to bars and homes all over the world.

In the 1960’s, the Rubino brothers took advantage of new packaging techniques and the opportunities this gave them. With the revolutionary vacuum-packed can, the Neapolitan tradition of real coffee could be taken anywhere. With this in mind, Café do Brasil was set up in 1963 and soon became one of the most important coffee roasting shops in Europe. Their coffee became famous all over Italy and the world with the Kimbo trademark, in fact, in 1994 Cafè do Brasil ranked second in the retail sector of the Italian market for packaged coffee, a position that it still holds today.


The Importance of Origin

The quality of a coffee depends above all on the quality of the raw materials.

This is the reason why Kimbo dedicates so much attention to the selection of green coffee from those countries that produce it.

All the cultivation phases of the coffee are watched carefully by our experts and are subject to multiple checks.

Because of this, the plant can grow healthily and produce an excellent quality of red berries. These berries hide their most precious treasure: the green beans.

The beans are dried by the sun, decorticated and finally shipped to Italy.


From Grain to Aroma


Once samples of beans have passed various tests, the whole batches of coffee arrive in Italy and are sent to the coffee roasting plant.

Here, the coffee is brought to between 160° and 250°C for a time that varies from 8 to 12 minutes. The roasting is done in three phases: dehydration which eliminates the humidity, then the roasting, and finally the cooling process, which is done at room temperature. This is the phase in which coffee acquires all of its aroma.

The strength of the roasting influences how strong or weak the colour and taste will be. This is where the experience of the people at Kimbo becomes fundamental to determine the ideal temperature and duration of the roasting.



The blending is a very important part of the process. Each batch of coffee is selected and qualified according to its sensory profile. Each blend must combine the qualities of various origins in order to obtain the ideal result, a perfect balance of taste and constant quality. Here, our technology can only help to a certain point: the human element is vital.



The packaging phase is fundamental in order to keep the quality of the coffee fresh. For whole beans, the packaging is done in a protected atmosphere and pre-ground coffee is vacuum-packed. It is as if time were still: so when the package is opened, you can enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee that has just been roasted.